BIG adventure tomorrow!

I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow. For the first time ever on my own, I am driving back to Leicester. A journey that could take me about 8hours - 3 and a half to 4 hours on the boat to Heysham followed by 4+ hours driving.
On the IOM we can learn to drive at 16, so by the end of this year I will have been driving for 5 years. However, the IOM is only 33 miles long and we dont have any motorways or big roundabouts...our roads are mainly country roads. We do however have no speed limits on most of our main roads so keeping the speed isnt a problem.
I have driven in the UK before, but with my Mum in the passenger seat, helping out.
I'm not too worried about it, hopefully I wont get lost (im borrowing a SatNav...).
This will be the longest time I have ever driven for! I think a McDonalds will be in order on the one break I might get! haha

Profile Picture April.

Long Hair & Wallpaper.

...And my profile picture at the moment :-)

My Header Image.

Blood Red Lips. Waterfall Hair.

I thought i'd post the original of the image i've used as my header. This is one of my favourite self-portraits to date, I have had a lot of great feedback from this image.

As you will notice over time, I mainly shoot self-portraits. Not because I want to but because its easier. I have noone else to model for me, whereby I am always available when I need a model and I quite like having my picture its a win win I guess :-)

Noir & Cloning.

For one of my Uni projects I have been looking at self-portraits, cloning and characters which has eventually brought me to Noir...
Here are a few of my Noir Clones so far.

Regina Spektor - "Dance Anthem of the 80's" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

I ADORE Regina Spektor!
This is one of my many faves.
I will always remember seeing her live.
Her songs can cause so many different emotions, depending on the current mood they either make me super happy or like I want to cry. I love that. God I love her!

Can't Wait.

Pill Box Glow
I can't wait for summer, when I don't have Uni work to do. I plan to take a self portrait atleast once a week!


I made a blog ages ago for uni but decided to stick to good old fashioned log books, stacks of prints and hours of cutting, sticking and writing. But iv decided to make myself a more personal one, for general everything; from photos taken, inspiration found and anything happening from day to day thats worth a mention.

Well, my name is Victoria Penrose and I am currently coming towards the end of my 2nd year at De Montfort University where I study Photography & Video. I am originally from the Isle of Man and I miss it so much when in Leicester - mainly due to the lack of countryside and sea. Its so urbanised, everything is concrete. I crave the fresh air and freedom you get from living on an Island. That said, I plan to live in London after I graduate :-)