Annie Leibovitz - "Killers Kill, Dead Men Die."

The Crime Scene
The Club
The Interrogation
I think Annie Leibovitz's photography is always so astounding! I looked at her alot in one of my modules last year, for her use of narrative, props & beautiful use of lighting.
When I brought my work round to a Noir theme I looked in to her photographs from the 2007 Hollywood Portfolio: Killers Kill, Dead Men Die.
In particular her image "The Club", was a big inspiration for my image "The Card Game". I would have loved the access to props and costumes that she will have had (well, her wardrobe/stylist people), but I guess her budget will have been something abit higher than mine!

The Making of Nuit Blanche...

The video becomes so much more magical when you see just how much work went in to making it!

Nuit Blanche by Spy Films.

Sticking with the Noir theme for now heres an amazing video that I saw posted on someones profile and fell in love. Its so slow & beautiful. Pure brilliance.

The Card Game.

The Card Game
I added a few images from this Noir/Self/Cloning project a few months ago. There was alot more overall but this was definately my favourite! I was so pleased with how this turned out, I had a C-print made of this image for my final hand in, but noticed recently that there was a few bits that needed retouching. When I have my own house I want this printed huge & hung up in pride of place :-)

For a  bigger view.

Packing my Life Away.

Packing my Life Away

I was inspired to do this photograph after a friend pointed out to me that I am "always packing". I'd never really thought about it myself until I began getting my stuff together to go back to uni for my third year. I am never in one place for more than a month, whether it be a trip home, a visit to see my boyfriend in London or a trip somewhere to see a family member. I always have a suitcase attached to my hand!
Although I dont travel anywhere exotic I am forever going somewhere, I guess it comes from living on an Island. That extra few miles you have to go to get anywhere, always having to get a boat or plane.
Ever since moving to the UK for university its almost like being given all this freedom!
Maybe in the future ill be doing all this travelling but to more exciting places... :-)

Early Evening.

That Early Evening Thinking Place.
I love watching the sky change. Especially in the winter if the sun has been shining. That shift of colour from bright blue, to blue with streaks of orange to light purple before black.

This image is from the top floor of Andrew's London house, theres no curtain so you can always see the sky, with the rooftops & chimneys. In the dark you can see little squares of light from the houses behind.
A lovely place to just sit, and think.

Zed Nelson - "Once there was a boy..."

My first inspiration post :-)

I just came across this article on the Guardian website about Zed Nelson and his project called "Once there was a boy..." which is a series of photographs, taken by Nelson of a couple and their son. The first taken shortly after the birth, and then every single one that follows was taken on the same day, a year later. He has been doing this for nearly 20years. It is fascinating to see how the son grows, and how the parents change over the years. Particularly the woman, and her multiple hairstyles!

10 of the images

This is a similar idea to that of Diego Goldberg and his family - who has taken photographs of each of his family members, on the same day for 34years (to date).

Screen Print Example
On March 28th 2010, I decided to begin my own version with my boyfriend Andrew. That date was our 2year Anniversary :-)

And here is the ours so far...

28th March 2010

Why Self Portraiture?


“A self-portrait is a representation of an artist, drawn, painted, photographed, or sculpted by the artist.”

On Tuesday I had my first tutorial with a tutor that I have yet to really have during my time at university. I went in with a vague idea of what I wanted to do this year, though I hadn’t firmly set a project brief for myself. As far as I was concerned I was experimenting/toying with a number of possibilities.

I knew that I wanted to take self-portraits again, pushing myself further with them, taking more time to plan, execute & edit. I showed him some images I took over the summer as well as examples of my work from last year. I was feeling quite confident when he turned round and asked me, “why?”

I had never really put much thought into why I take self-portraits, I’d always looked at it as a convenience – I am always available, I know what I’m aiming for, etc. But these reasons were not what he was looking for, he didn’t want processes.

At one point he asked if it was an ego thing, a sort of want for recognition and celebrity status. This I found to be quite offensive. It was almost as though that’s how he feels I work as a photographer, and as I said at the start, this was my first time dealing with him – not the first impression I was hoping for.

I must admit, quite often I just have an idea, an image in my head of something I would like to create. I can honestly say that occasionally the meaning may come after. I respect his feedback, and the fact that he has really made me think about myself as a self-portrait photographer, but does there really need to be a deep meaning to EVERY photograph I ever take? Sometimes I just “liked” the light, or had a prop I wanted to use. Maybe the location was something different, or I just had that urge to take a photograph.

I am still going to continue taking self-portraits as and when I like, how I like, but I will also be pushing myself to look deeper inside myself, to find those images full of meaning; images that reflect my stories, my passions, my feelings. Watch this space!

Follow up Birthday Post.

So its been 6 months since I turned 21. Time is flying by so quickly! Before I know it I will be turning 22! Getting closer & closer to the big 3.0!! :-S
I never got round to doing a follow up post with some pictures from my birthday, it was truely the best birthday ever! Center Parcs is an amazing place, theres so much to see & do, so much fresh air & nature. Unfortunately my Mum forgot to bring my Nikon D40 from home, and picked up the bag with just the lenses so I wasnt able to get any great pictures.

Anyway, here are pictures of the amazing birthday cake & the special ring that I received. I semi-designed it myself from a wonderful shop back home, Celtic Gold.
Then just a cheeky swimming pool shot :-)

My Camera Cake
Birthday Ring

In the Pool

Back again!

I'm giving this blog thing another go. So how better to start than with a new header, and a bit of an update to the old layout :-)
I've also made a footer, and here is the image I used...

The D90
Who knows, maybe this time great things will happen! lol