Zed Nelson - "Once there was a boy..."

My first inspiration post :-)

I just came across this article on the Guardian website about Zed Nelson and his project called "Once there was a boy..." which is a series of photographs, taken by Nelson of a couple and their son. The first taken shortly after the birth, and then every single one that follows was taken on the same day, a year later. He has been doing this for nearly 20years. It is fascinating to see how the son grows, and how the parents change over the years. Particularly the woman, and her multiple hairstyles!

10 of the images

This is a similar idea to that of Diego Goldberg and his family - who has taken photographs of each of his family members, on the same day for 34years (to date).

Screen Print Example
On March 28th 2010, I decided to begin my own version with my boyfriend Andrew. That date was our 2year Anniversary :-)

And here is the ours so far...

28th March 2010

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