Dad - The Video.

As well as portraiture I also enjoy photo-journalism/documentary photography.
Last year I began a photographic project of my Dad, Malcolm Penrose.
In April 1999, he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. At the time he was given only 2 months to live, now 11 years on he is still fighting strong.

You can see/follow the images, as I add them here.

As part of the first term hand-in last year we had to create a video. Im not a great fan of making video so I used mainly my own photography and old home videos. There is a small amount of my own footage.
The music is a piece written and performed by my little brother Ross.

Do you remember your first kiss?

Here is my newest self-portrait :-)
I cant decide whether I prefer the colour or b&w one.

I should really be taking pictures for my uni work but at the moment im a little fed up with one of my projects, not because I dont have ideas, but because my tutor doesnt seem to like anything I do!
It can be very deflating going into a tutorial full of enthusiasm only to be shot down because its not to his taste.
I cant wait till I finish & have the freedom to do whatever I like!

p.s. Mine was at an International Guide & Scout camp, somewhere in Liverpool, with an Austrian Scout called Manuel. Or Mani as his friends called him :-)

Martin Usborne - "MUTE The Silence of Dogs in Cars."

I have been fairly rubbish at blogging here is one about an exhibition I am going to today.
I plan to visit 3 but this is the one im looking forward to most, because, well, its DOGS!

The exhibition is called "MUTE: The Silence of Dogs in Cars" by Martin Usborne. It is currently on at the theprintspace gallery in London, but sadly only until tomorrow.

My main reason for wanting to see this exhibition, apart from it being of a photographic nature, is because it is images of dogs.
I am a real dog person, I love how expressionate and loving they are and that relationship we humans can have with them, not just as pet/owner but as best-friend.
My dog is like a family member to me, I tell her things and I sense her understanding towards emotions within the family. She always cheers me up. As smelly as she may get, I would miss our cuddles :-)

Martin Usborne's images are very powerful and full of that emotion. Those expressionate faces loning for their loved ones return.

And here is a picture of my beautiful doggy, Poppy & I, on one of our summer walks, we have had her since she was a tiny puppy. Shes nearly 12years old now!

Woodland Walk.