Do you remember your first kiss?

Here is my newest self-portrait :-)
I cant decide whether I prefer the colour or b&w one.

I should really be taking pictures for my uni work but at the moment im a little fed up with one of my projects, not because I dont have ideas, but because my tutor doesnt seem to like anything I do!
It can be very deflating going into a tutorial full of enthusiasm only to be shot down because its not to his taste.
I cant wait till I finish & have the freedom to do whatever I like!

p.s. Mine was at an International Guide & Scout camp, somewhere in Liverpool, with an Austrian Scout called Manuel. Or Mani as his friends called him :-)

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  1. Came across your blog on 20SB. I really like the one called 'Packing my Life Away'. I'm always curious to see what other artists our age and from different places are doing. Best of luck on your future photographic endeavors!