"The Secret Lives of My Dad" - The Train Driver.

And here is number three, The Train Driver.
I made this train for when I previously did this one, however this time I did alot more post-processing. I must have spent about 5hrs on this image! Iv never tried to build things from scratch in photoshop before so im not sure if I really like this...hopefully itll grow on me.
My Dad is a huge train geek! He loves them! Him, my Grandpa & my little Brother. We grew up going on trips where a train journey could be involved, we once went for Sunday lunch on a train and our house is filled with train things - models, plates, books, dvds, videos, magazines, paintings, etc...

The Train Driver

Older Version

"The Secret Lives of My Dad" - The Diver,

The second image - The Diver. He was supposed to have goggles & a snorkel but the goggles were old & the rubber kept snapping, then he just decided against putting the snorkel in his mouth...I guess it was pretty old...

The Diver
Poppy wasn't supposed to be in this one but she insisted...and she was a pain in the bum when it came to Dad not paying her enough attention :-)

"The Secret Lives of My Dad" - The Lion Tamer.

The Lion Tamer is the first in a selection of further processed/stylised images for my project, "The Secret Lives of My Dad".

The Lion Tamer
After adding the stripes