"The Secret Lives of My Dad" - The Train Driver.

And here is number three, The Train Driver.
I made this train for when I previously did this one, however this time I did alot more post-processing. I must have spent about 5hrs on this image! Iv never tried to build things from scratch in photoshop before so im not sure if I really like this...hopefully itll grow on me.
My Dad is a huge train geek! He loves them! Him, my Grandpa & my little Brother. We grew up going on trips where a train journey could be involved, we once went for Sunday lunch on a train and our house is filled with train things - models, plates, books, dvds, videos, magazines, paintings, etc...

The Train Driver

Older Version


  1. i love this project! its really imaginative and all looking at all the images is great fun x

  2. This looks so good! Literally looks like so much fun x