My Family and I. (My Brother's Eyes)

This is the first of a new series of images I have planned. Inspired by those face collages and the simple fact that today my brother is visiting.
One thing I am always interested in when I meet people and members of their families is what similarities in their features I can find; the fact that they may have their Mother's eyes, their Father's nose, the same shaped face as their Grandma. I love being able to spot these little things, the little things that connect people together.

Eyes can be the biggest hint to a person's genetics, and they alone can ruin a person's attempt at hiding who they are/were. 

So here is my first family self portrait, using my brother's eyes. I see more of myself in him than I do anyone else in my family. We share the same dark features and are the only ones to have brown/hazel eyes. His however, are smaller than my own and they would be described as nearer to brown than mine are, but that's half the fun - you spot they are the same, but you also spot the differences.

"My Brother's Eyes."