Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary, Mum & Dad!

around abouts 1975

Today (April 10th 2012) my Mum and Dad celebrated their 30th year as Husband & Wife, their Pearl Wedding Anniversary.
They have been together since they were 15 years of age, a loving couple for nearly 40years. A life beautifully shared.


13 years ago this month my Dad was diagnosed with a Malignant Meningioma Brain Tumour and was given only 2 weeks to live.
With his great fight and admirable determination he has continued to defy Doctors and with every new day he gives another middle finger to The Big C!

30 years

On Easter Sunday my parents renewed their wedding vows in celebration, it was a day filled with love & happiness, with many friends there in support.
I will forever hold fond memories for this day.

Here's to many more years to come! x