The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Street Party.

Last July, Andrew & myself moved into our first flat in a lovely area of London.
In the year so far that we have lived here we were yet to really see anything of our neighbours, being a young renting couple on a road occupied mainly by home-owning families our paths very rarely crossed.
But a couple of months ago we received a flyer about a proposed Street Party for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and Andrew & myself threw ourselves at the chance to get involved! We attended committee meetings (where we mainly ate hoummous & tried to appear grown-up) and both took on roles/jobs in preparation for the day.
The whole day was so much fun, so much happiness & community spirit that the typical British weather didn't dampen anyone's day. The Flotilla boats were waiting nearby and there was bunting, flags and cake galore! I've never seen so much red, blue & white before!
I offered to document the occasion & after a few weeks of editing I have finally worked my way through them all. I am so pleased with them that I wanted to blog a few of my favourites from the day, something that I always promise myself I will do more regularly! :-)

A few favourites from the day.