The Alphabetical Prop Project 2012 - A to E...

I decided this year to start my Alphabetical Prop Project from the beginning again, a fresh approach to the project. I wanted to put more thought in to each image, this time round would involve more interesting props for each letter.

Make. Create. Manipulate! That's the plan this time round.

I have just completed my image for the letter E so I thought I'd write up the first blog post for letters A to E, plus the projects cover image.
It's definitely a project that I'll still be doing next year, but hey, 26 letters! That's a lot of letters! :-p

Please view them full size on Flickr.

p.s. any suggestions for letters F to Z are very welcome :-)

The Cholmondeley Ladies...

A few months ago I visited Tate Britain and was enormously inspired by one picture in particular...

The Cholmondeley Ladies - 17th Century.
The Cholmondeley Ladies is an early 17th century British oil painting. The artist is unknown but it is thought to have been painted near the Cholmondeley family's estate in Cheshire. An inscription in gold lettering at the bottom left of the painting reads,

"Two Ladies of the Cholmondeley Family, Who were born the same day, Married the same day, And brought to Bed the same day."

At first glance the two women appear almost identical, each Mother wears similar white clothes with elaborate lace and jewellery, and each baby is swaddled in a scarlet robe.

However, upon closer inspection you begin to notice slight differences, such as the smaller details in the clothes and the jewellery. For me, the most interesting difference is the eyes.
I was reminded so much about my on-going photographic project "My Family & I" and this infused further inspiration, a new way to take this idea.

My Sister's Eyes.

I have a million ideas relating to this, I find it so intriguing to see what results a slight change in features can do, especially when those features are some you are already so familiar with.

The Penrose Ladies I.
Above is my first attempt with combining cloning and feature altering, using the lovely Andrew's eyes. It's been some time since I've done a clone so it's nice to be getting in to it again and with the added interest of feature swapping!