The Crochet Beginner

Last weekend I learnt how to crochet. It's something I've wanted to learn for a long time and when my Mum asked me if I'd like to accompany her to a Granny (Afghan) square workshop I jumped at the chance! I had only learnt how to chain stitch the evening before, after never picking up a crochet hook before, so I was pretty pleased with myself when I left the session with one not too shabby Granny square (the dark purple one is that self same square). 

"A Granny square is a piece of square fabric produced in crochet by working in rounds from the centre outward. Granny squares are traditionally handmade. They resemble coarse lace. Although there is no theoretical limit to the maximum size of a granny square, crocheters usually create multiple small squares (called "motifs") and assemble the pieces to make clothing, purses, Afghan blankets and other household textiles."

The workshop was held at 'The Sweet Ginger Emporium', a shop back in my hometown of Ramsey on the Isle of Man. It's a wonderful new addition to Parliament Street and ideal for all material and haberdashery needs. It was my first visit & it certainly wont be my last!

As well as buying a lot of wool, I also got this cool little snail measuring tape (plus a very colourful jar of buttons). Very necessary purchases!

Before the workshop I bought my Mum & I beautiful crochet hook holders in preparation. The one above was from Stitch and Kitsch on Etsy.

I love learning new skills. I love creating. I love when you put a lot of time & energy in to something, and then get to visibly see what you've created.
My Mum with her first Granny squares.
Hopefully, a year from now, I'll have crocheted enough Granny squares to create a nice big Afghan blanket. I'm going to need about 100 more squares so it's going to be a busy year! Watch this space...

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