25 before 25.

On Tuesday I turned 24.
Turning another year older is always a terrifying thought, especially once you're past all those milestones, like being old enough to drive, vote and drink (not all at the same time, of course). There's always that wondering of what are you doing/what have you done/what are you going to do? And regardless of your age, there will always be someone reminding you that they are older than you, as if it's some sort of competition. In fact they are probably being reminded by someone older than them, that they are not as old as them. It's a never ending chain.

I've come across a few of these "x before x" blog posts and so I wanted to make my own. I love making "to do" lists; they make me feel so much more productive when I eventually get to cross something off!
Having lived in London for nearly 2 years, there are so many things I have wanted to do/visit/see but never got around to doing. As well as that there are also many craft projects I always think about doing but they never get very far off the ground, and the rest are things I've always said I want to do but haven't ever done. There is a definite theme here...

So, before my next birthday, here are 25 things I aim to do:

  1.  See the deer in Richmond Park

  2.  Crochet at least 100 granny squares
  3.  Buy flowers at the Columbia Road Flower Market
  4.  Make macarons
  5.  Visit Edinburgh
  6.  Give blood
  7.  Knit a scarf
  8.  Go to Kensington Palace
  9.  Have afternoon tea 
10Go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour
11.  See Wicked The Musical
12.  Visit a new country
13.  Complete "The Alphabetical Prop Project" project
14.  Design at least 1 new card a month
15.  Make some homemade gifts for Christmas
16.  Visit Highclere Castle
17.  Give a new lease of life to an old piece of furniture
18.  Open an ISA and put something in it every week
19.  Do the couch to 5k challenge
20.  Design & create a cross-stitch
21.  Spend a day at Hampton Court
22.  Complete The 30 Day Shred
23.  Grow a plant from seed
24.  Make a Manx log cabin quilt
25.  Do a tandem sky dive

Let's see how we get on... :-)

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