The Wimbledon Summer Fair

Last weekend I went to the Wimbledon Summer Fair with my little brother. It was my first time really going to anything like it in London and it reminded me a lot of the annual Royal Manx Agricultural Show back home...except for the distint lack of farm animals & tractors...

The fair was being held on Wimbledon Common, and although the great British weather seemed to be having a bit of a sulk, there was a great atmosphere.

The best part of the fair was the sheer number of dogs there. I mean, there was A LOT of dogs! You see, one of the things that sold this to me was the promise of a "Fun Dog Show", which meant as well as every man, every dog was also welcome. (Best day ever!)

There was a large variety of different stalls, selling everything from food to antiques. The local football club were also there with their mascot, who was, as you would expect, a Womble! Well, it wouldn't have been Wimbeldon without seeing a Womble...

As well as hanging out with the Wimbledon FC Womble, we also joined in drinking Pimms and, this was probably my second favourite part (after the dogs), cheese tasting!

West Country Cheeses had a huge stall full of amazing cheeses! And they had samples galore! We must have tried almost every flavour. One of my favourites was the Marmite one, followed closely by the garlic. They had some very unusual cheeses too, such as: Apple & Cinnamon, Stilton Sandwich and Curry flavour. I could have happily spent hours eating samples until asked to leave...mmm cheese.

You know you've had a good day out when all the goodies you come home with are edible! We treated ourselves to some scones from the WI, some popcorn, and a small selection of cheeses - the garlic, Marmite & sun-dried tomato flavours.

The Wimbledon Summer Fair was a really great day out and something I'll definitely be going to again. Dogs, cheese and Wombles! What else could anybody want from a fair?!


  1. ohhhh so jealous you're in England! and gosh those cheeses look aaaamazing! It really looked like an amazing day :)

    1. The cheeses were incredible!
      Thank you for your comment, Hopeless Adventurer :-)

  2. This sounds amazing! How did I not know about this?! Wombles and dogs are my faves!

    1. Wombles and dogs are a pretty awesome combination! It was a really fun day :-)