My heart belongs in Cornwall... (Part 1)

I've had this blog post just sitting in my drafts folder for a few weeks now, I'm truly terrible at posting anything I write. This is especially true with travel posts - it took me 11 months to post about my trip to Dublin! And now it's taken me 11 months to post about my trip to Cornwall. You can all expect my posts about New York, Washington & Boston some time in February... Oops.

So, last September I spent a week in Cornwall with my family. This was my first time visiting Cornwall and as I'd expected I instantly fell in love with it! I was very excited to visit the birth place of my ancestors (Penrose is indeed a Cornish name!) - my Great-Grandpa, Reginald Penrose, was born in Truro & grew up in Penzance. I am a Penzance Penrose! :-)
The view from Barn Owl Cottage, Looe, Cornwall.
For the week we rented a beautiful little cottage in Looe called Barn Owl Cottage. The location was so lovely and quiet, with only a few other cottages near-by and as you can see from the picture above, the view was incredible! Moving from the countryside to a city like London, you really miss how wonderful life in the country is, with the fresh air and vast amounts of green. I'm definitely a country girl at heart (but London can be pretty great too!).
A signpost for No Man's Land in Looe, Cornwall.
Looe, Cornwall.
Looe is a beautiful town and somewhere I would love to live one day. It is a small coastal town and fishing port, split in two by the River Looe, with East & West Looe being connected by a bridge. I'm planning to do a separate blog post on Looe because I have so many pictures I want to share!
Bodmin & Wenford Railway, Bodmin, Cornwall.
My Mum & Dad :-)
On our first day in Cornwall we went on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway, in fact we went up & down on it twice. We are a family of train lovers! Especially my Dad, who, as you can see from the above picture, really loves trains! They were very accommodating with his wheelchair & it was a lovely way to spend a day, the views are fantastic!
I would also recommend grabbing some lunch at Bodmin General Station as there is an old train carriage that you can sit in with your Cornish Pasty, pretty exciting eh!?
The view from the train.
Penrose, Cornwall.
After our hours spent enjoying the Bodmin & Wenford Railway, we went on a drive around the Cornish countryside with one real aim in sight - to visit a small hamlet called Penrose! Now, because Penrose was so tiny all that was really there was a sign or two with the name on, but for a car full of Penroses (Penrosi?) that was exciting enough.
Port Isaac, Cornwall.
Before heading back to Looe we continued on to Port Isaac as this was somewhere Mum was interested to visit. Port Isaac is where they filmed Doc Martin and the Young's Seafood advert with the singing fishermen. Unfortunately Port Isaac is not very wheelchair friendly so we just drove down then back up again, not the easiest thing to do in a small fishing village.
Scallop shells & Sea urchins for sale in Charlestown, Cornwall.
Tall ships in Charlestown, Cornwall.
The following day we went to St. Austell & Charlestown. Charlestown is a beautiful little village and port. The harbour is home to a company that owns a small fleet of tall ships so there's always one or two anchored in the harbour. Charlestown was so wonderfully nautical, something that I love! The sea was lovely and calm on the day we visited too, the whole place felt so relaxed - it was perfect!
Charlestown, Cornwall.
Tea & Scones in Charlestown, Cornwall.
Charlestown is a lovely village & as it is relatively wheelchair friendly (the harbour was anyway) it suited us even better! We also found a great little place called Wreckers to have tea & scones, huge scones to be precise (see above picture). And obviously, we ate our scones the right way (the Cornish way) - jam then cream, thank you very much! Except Andrew who is under the impression that you put cream on first...he's so very nearly perfect.

I'm going to carry this on with a Part 2 because there are so many more pictures I want to include! So, to be continued...

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