Reasons to be cheerful - August

I’ve never been one to keep a diary; I’ve always tired of them after a few weeks, though I often wish I'd tried harder to keep one. I once had a beautiful purple Pocahontas diary from The Disney Store, which sadly saw very little pen-to-paper action (other than my 6-year old self writing about getting up & eating breakfast for a week).
My Grandma has kept a diary every day since she was a child and she often likes to remind us of things we’ve forgotten about, so I thought I’d try & use this blog to remind myself of some of the good/enjoyable things that happen each month. I’m also going to keep note of things to look forward to the following month/things I aim to get done! (I do love a good to-do list.)

  • Two trips back home to the Isle of Man – 1 planned, 1 unexpected. And thus being reunited with my Poppy dog – twice!
  • Grandma M's Sunday lunch- something I always look forward to when I'm back home.
  • Meeting (and having a cuddle with) Andrew’s new first cousin once removed – baby Reggie, and seeing Andrew so happy holding him.
  • Driving again! I wouldn't want to drive in London, but on a sunny day driving on the Isle of Man, especially over the Mountain Road with music on, is ideal!
  • Being surprised to a lovely day out for Afternoon Tea at The Modern Pantry.
  • Visiting the Barbican & Postman’s Park.
  • Seeing my Dad’s artwork in a local art exhibition.
  • Having my Mum & Dad to myself for a weekend.
  • Eating Manx Queenies - one of my favourite foods.
  • Finding a shared interest in succulents with my Grandma P and her giving me some cuttings.
  • My succulent babies making great progress on the growing front.
  • Eating lots of gorgeous Davison’s ice cream whilst home with my Mum.
  • 2 for 1 burritos in the Wholefoods Food Hall - they were really good burritos!
  • Discovering a wonderful new cafe back home - The Noa Bakehouse. Their bread is delicious!
  • Visiting the astoundingly beautiful Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens.
  • Winning an Art Fund pass from Easyart by entering their Art Everywhere Instagram competition.
  • Helping Andrew buy a new suit. More than happy to watch him try them on - I do love a man in a suit!
  • Visiting The Serpentine Gallery & the Pavillion with friends.
  • Surprising Andrew with a tea steeper all the way from Davids Tea in New York, thanks to my boss.
  • Remembering how good Walnut Whips are! They remind me of my Dad & how much he likes them (Nestle mind, not M&S!).
  • Meeting up with my friend Kirsty & her little man Evan, who is the sweetest little guy! And getting to see her lovely bump before baby No.2 arrives in October.
  • Trying on my Mum’s wedding dress & it being a perfect fit!
  • Rescuing a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly with my brother and getting a close-up look before he flew away. He (the butterfly, not my brother) was so beautiful.
  • Being given a signed Mary Berry cookbook from my Mum from when she met her in 1995.
  • Receiving my first ever purchase from Alphabet Bags in the most wonderful package!

Reading & Watching:
  • The first 2 seasons of Breaking Bad. We are admittedly pretty late to this party but it really is awesome! (What did we do before Netflix?!)
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Diamond as Big as the Ritz and Other Stories as recommended by my little brother. I loved it! The way F. Scott Fitzgerald writes is so beautifully descriptive, it really brings every story to life.
  • Finished Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift. It took me a long time to get through this, which usually means I wasn't crazy for it, but overall it was an enjoyable read.
  • The Hunger Games (film), finally! I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
  • The return of The Great British Bake Off! Tuesday evenings are something to look forward to, now that Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood are back on our telly!

To look forward to in September:
  • A 3-day holiday in Lille, France with my Mum & Grandma and going on the Eurostar for the first time.
  • McFly’s 10th Anniversary Concert at The Royal Albert Hall – woo!!
  • A big Moulton meet-up – seeing family we hardly ever see.
  • A little holiday to Germany - first to Freiberg to visit friends, followed by a few days in Munich for Oktoberfest.
  • Plus hopefully a day trip to see Schloss Neuschwanstein (the castle of Baron Bomburst in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) in Bavaria, Germany.
  • Celebrating 5 & a half years with my love in Germany.
  • Working only 2 days a week for 3 weeks. Yay for holiday!
  • Seeing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Bishop’s Park with Pop Up Screens.

To do in September:
  • Get to at least the halfway point in the processing of pictures from our holiday to America. (We were there in March...I am terrible.)
  • Start making my little brother’s Christmas present.
  • Start designing this year’s Christmas cards.
  • Finally go to a life-drawing class & start drawing more!
  • Visit the Mexico: A Revolution in Art exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts.
  • Visit The Photographers' Gallery - it's been a while since my last visit.

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