A town called Looe...

I fell in love with Cornwall when I visited last year, and one place that really stood out to me was Looe. It is a small coastal town and fishing port in south-east Cornwall; the town is situated around a harbour, with the River Looe flowing between East and West Looe.

I found Looe to be incredibly picturesque and it's somewhere I'd love to live one day - when I can leave the hustle & bustle of city life behind!


  1. Oh wow, it looks so beautiful and cozy there. I'd definitely love to visit someday. I love little places like this as I tend to get overwhelmed in cities (I just usually shop a bit and then I'm out). It's always nice to be able to have access to peaceful places like this. :)

    1. Hi Victoria, it really is a beautiful little town, and the perfect escape from cities. I live just outside London so it's 5 hours away on the train for me but I would jump at the chance to go again :-)