When I first started this blog, it was intended as somewhere to post work for university. However I never used it for that purpose, and in the last few months I've been using this little corner of the internet to blog more personally.
Now, along with this change I felt there was a need for a new name too, as it never really felt like it had one to begin with.

So, let me introduce you to...

I've ummed & ahhed over possible blog names before, running them past Andrew, seeing how they sit for a week, only to change it back in the end. But this time, I found one that we both liked! Success!

Now I've always loved using "V&A" for us as a couple (note: the header image*) but obviously naming a blog "V&A" wouldn't work, as I hear there is quite a famous museum using that name already... But, I found spelling out the name of the symbol (ampersand) made for quite an interesting alternative when put between V and A. I like the new word it creates.

I'd also quite like to include some posts from Andrew himself in the future - as he's quite the Master Baker in our household - making the new name even more appropriate. I like this new name.

*It's a real shame Andrew isn't called Albert.

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