Harrods at Christmas

Until last July I worked on Brompton Road, just a few doors down from Harrods. This made the Harrods building quite a big part of my daily commute and I grew quite fond of seeing it almost daily - especially when finishing work late at night and it was all lit up. I miss walking past it some days, admiring the window displays and seeing the new ones the day they were revealed. Though, as great as that was, I definitely don't miss trying to navigate past great hoards of tourists on my way to work. No-Siree!

Now, if there is one time of the year that you have to see the Harrods windows, it's Christmas. Living in London is even better at Christmas!

This year's window display is a homage to the classic British steam train, with each window transformed in to a train carriage, pulled along by The Harrods Christmas Express (below).
The details as usual are incredible, with moving landscapes in each carriage window, giving the impression that the train is really in motion (it even passes through a fictional Knightsbridge train station).

Harrods certainly haven't disappointed - the Gatsby-esque craze of this year is evidently still in full swing, with each window decked out in a gloriously opulent, 1920s style. In fact, the mannequin above could almost be Daisy Buchanan!

Harrods is always one of the first places I'll go to start getting in the mood for Christmas - my first stop is to see the windows (because, well, aren't they fantastic?!), then it's on to the Christmas shop (Harrods' Christmas World opens in July but for any sane person that's just far too early), via the Toy & Pet Kingdoms, obviously.

I loved these Lego creations, the Harrods doorman is a regular feature in the Toy Kingdom, but for Christmas there is the new addition of an awesome Lego Santa, just outside the Christmas World.

A tradition now in it's 6th year for us, is to always buy a decoration (or two) from the Harrods Christmas World for our tree. This year's new additions are a Schnauzer Santa (amazing!) & a Harrods 2013 star.

So, this isn't Christmassy, or Harrods, but this adorable little mint green car was parked just outside and I couldn't resist taking a picture - it's so pretty!

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