Reasons to be cheerful - October

  • Our last full day in Germany.
  • Andrew’s homemade apple pie and fresh fig & almond cake. Mmmm...
  • My new favourite (bumble bee) jumper & ladybird socks.
  • My succulents sprouting flowers - check out those beauties on the Bear Paw!
  • Lots of sushi at Yo! Sushi. Mmm again...
  • Sunflower seed & rye bread with goats cheese spread - so good!
  • Another unexpected trip back to the Isle of Man.
  • Meeting & having a cuddle with my friend’s new baby, Lewis.
  • Saturday morning breakfast at Gopher’s – a tradition when I’m home.
  • The blueberry & walnut scone, with jam & cream, that I had there.
  • Seeing my Poppy dog - I miss the little lady terribly!
  • Filling my lungs with fresh Manx air.
  • Driving over the mountain with the morning sun turning everything golden.
  • Singing along to Common People with my Dad.
  • Laughing uncontrollably about farts with my Dad…
  • Making the change from Guides to Brownies.
  • The Puppy Training Class that uses the hall after the Brownie meeting.
  • My first attempt at pumpkin carving in a very long time.
  • Finally finishing the pictures from our US holiday!
  • Grandma’s Sunday lunch - it doesn’t get much better than that!
Watched/Read/Listened to/Visited:

  • Modern Family season 3 & 4 - I am in love with Phil Dunphy.
  • Catching up on Community & How I Met Your Mother.
  • The Richard Rogers Exhibtion at The Royal Academy.
  • The Residenz in Munich, Germany - so many pretty gold things...
  • Grayson Perry’s Reith Lectures - we had tickets to watch but sadly arrived too late :-(

To look forward to in November:
  • Andrew’s birthday
  • Andrew’s birthday cake
  • Eating Andrew’s birthday cake
  • Cake
  • Ruarri Joseph gig
  • The Harrods’ Christmas windows & Christmas shop
To do in November:
  • Make a start on my Brother’s Christmas present (In September I thought "ahh, it's aaages until Christmas, i've got loads of time!" it's looking very probable that I'll be buying The Book of Mormon tickets...)
  • Make a start on Andrew’s Christmas present.
  • Finally finish making the stockings I started 2 years ago…
  • Ditto with the Advent Calendar… I am rubbish.
  • Plan Andrew’s birthday cake - we’re talking blue prints here!

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