Oh Billey Nollick!*

*Billey Nollick = Christmas Tree in Manx.

Over the last six Christmases that Andrew and I have celebrated together, we have built up quite a lovely collection of Christmas decorations. I've never been a fan of "department store" trees, with their strict colour co-ordinated decorations, instead I prefer a mismatch of decorations - a more homely-looking tree.

For me, I want the decorations on our tree to tell people something about us - places we've been, things we've done, things we like, or simply unusual trinkets that have caught our eye.
Back in November I blogged about our annual pilgrimage to see the Harrods Christmas windows and the Christmas Shop, where each year we buy a new decoration. Below are a selection of some that we have collected over the years. My favourites are the long-legged Santa & the skiing Paddington Bear - isn't he wonderful?!
There are decorations from our travels, spanning where we have come from to where we've been. There are several Isle of Man decorations on our tree - it is almost a mini homage to our homeland. Alongside these are items we have collected from other countries. My favourite is the one we bought in Washington, D.C back in March: a mini Santa sitting on the lap of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.
At the top of our tree sit the words "Nollick Ghennal", which is Manx for Happy Christmas.

One other collection we have, though this one is more for myself, are Winnie the Pooh decorations. I have a life long love for this silly old bear, and my Mum was kind enough to let me take some decorations for our own tree. The thing I love most out of these though has to be our Pooh Fairy. Andrew is determined to replace him but for now I say - Long Live The Pooh Fairy!
(I tried to limit the number of decorations I included in this post but there are just so many it's hard to restrict it!)

Below is a small selection of some other favourites from our tree: there's the Grenadier Guard and Corgi decorations that I bought to commemorate my time working at Buckingham Palace one Summer, the two penguin decorations that were bought by Andrew during his visit to New York earlier this month (the wooden one is from MOMA), the gold one in the middle is from the Beyond El Dorado Exhibition currently on at the British Museum and finally, the Grinch decoration is a gift from my Sister from her recent visit to Florida. She hadn't realised that she'd accidentally picked up a Veronica one until she got back to the UK...
A Poinsettia from one of my Brownies as an end of term thank you present :-)
Every year we add a few more decorations to our growing collection, hopefully one year we'll have a real tree to put them on - that would be perfect!

Do you have any special Christmas decorations in your collection?

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