Reasons to be cheerful - November

  • IKEA meatballs – one big reason to venture all the way to IKEA
  • My first (and relatively successful) attempt at Pumpkin pie
  • MORE PUPPIES! (I’ll never tire of the puppies. EVER!)
  • Andrew’s baking: brown butter & apple doughnuts and a tea cake
  • Cinnamon rolls at the Nordic Bakery
  • Andrew’s birthday (and the gorgeous baby pictures I like to repost every year…)
  • Brunch at Le Pain Quotidien – a birthday tradition!
  • Seeing Ruarri Joseph again at The Miller – he is one of our favourites
  • An Earl Grey Crème brûlée at Harts in Surbiton
  • A visit to Skoob Books (heaven) & leaving with a mound of beautiful second-hand books
  • A day at the British Museum
  • London becoming all Christmassy
  • Our annual pilgrimage to Harrods to see the new Christmas window displays

Watched/Read/Listened to/Visited:
  • Hocus Pocus – my favourite Halloween film
  • The Shining – one of the best thriller films there is
  • Ghostbusters – who doesn’t love Ghostbusters?!
  • Gravity – an incredible (butt-clenching) film
  • The Beyond El Dorado: power and gold in ancient Colombia exhibition at The British Museum – lots of shiny gold…
  • Reading Daphne du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn – I adore her writing and this one is a real page turner!
  • Re-starting Gossip Girl from the beginning - because a girl can never have too much Chuck Bass on her screen. Not to mention it feeds my yearning for NYC...

To look forward to in December:
  • Christmas!!! (obviously)
  • Family time & a reunion with my Poppy dog
  • Being back on the Isle of Man
  • Christmas day with Andrew & his family – I hear it’s quite the operation!
  • Seeing my friend and her babies again
  • Nine Lessons & Carols for Godless People at the Bloomsbury Theatre again
  • Giving everyone their Christmas gifts
  • Christmas food
  • Lots & lots of Christmas food
  • A surprise for Andrew at New Year's
  • Putting up our tree
  • Watching The Muppets Christmas Carol – the best festive film!

To do in December:
  • Prepare for Christmas!
  • Finish the stockings before Christmas is over…
  • Do the next letter in my The Alphabetical Prop Project
  • Decorate Mummy P's Christmas present
  • Make plans for 2014 - it's gonna be a good'un! I can tell...

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