Skoob Books & The British Museum

One of my favourite ways to spend a (relatively) quiet Saturday in London is to venture up to Bloomsbury for a day of wandering around The British Museum, followed by a trip to Skoob Books - one of the best second-hand bookshops!
Skoob is an Aladdin's Cave of literature - it is filled to the brim with books! Walls have vanished behind them and floor space has been lost to the over flow.
When it comes to books I have a bit of a problem... I can't resist them! To me, a second-hand bookshop is like heaven - shelves of pre-loved books, some older than myself, and that strangely comforting, slightly musty smell that they have.
I can while away hours browsing in bookshops, searching for interesting titles, being drawn in by beautiful tatty spines and eye-catching covers. The Penguin Classics section is always my favourite place to start, as so many treasures are to be found there.
On my recent visit to Skoobs I picked up some truly lovely books, some that I went in their looking for, some that were simply pleasant surprises.
The design on this John Updike cover is amazing! If you look really closely you can see the outlines of lots of naked women making up the man's face - even his nose is a bum!
I've bought a few old John Updike books in the past, but this cover is definitely my favourite so far. I also love the title of this book - a very good find indeed!
The above book of My Fair Lady is full of beautiful photos of a young Julie Andrews playing Eliza Doolittle in the original Broadway production of the musical that opened in 1956. The pages are also covered in notes, something else I love about old books - the thoughts/messages of previous owners. I have a small collection of old books with messages scribbled in them, many are decades old... but I'll save those for a future post.
I first discovered Daphne du Maurier's work after buying a book that grabbed my attention in a second-hand bookshop. That book was The Birds & Other Stories, and since then I have read Jamaica Inn too - both great books! So I was excited to find a 1st Edition of her book The King's General, first published in 1946.

I'm very happy with my finds from this visit, my pile was originally twice as high but sadly, after a stern word from my financial advisor (Andrew), I had to make a brutal cut. No worries though, there'll be other visits...
Now who can resist a visit to The British Museum?! The building itself is worth the trip, with it's incredible Greek Revival fa├žade. There are 44 columns in total and over the main entrance there is a pediment depicting The Progress of Civilisation (pictured below).
The above picture is of The Queen Elizabeth II Great Court in the centre of the museum - the roof is made up of 1,656 uniquely shaped panes of glass!

On this visit we went to see the Beyond El Dorado: power and gold in ancient Colombia exhibition, which is on until March 23rd 2014 and definitely worth a look, especially if you have magpie tendencies...there is a lot of gold in there!

Do you have a favourite second-hand bookshop?


  1. I definitely need to take a trip to Skoob Books - it looks great! x