NYC: The Met & The Upright Citizens Brigade

In March last year, Andrew & myself finally had the holiday we'd been longing for forever - we made it to New York City!
We'd always talked about how one day we would love to visit NYC - countless episodes of Gossip Girl & 30 Rock helped fuel the desire (obviously Andrew doesn't watch Gossip Girl, he wanted me to clarify that...), plus Andrew is a subscriber to The New Yorker (he's very keen), so we were unbelievably excited when we finally booked it!
On our first full day in New York we ventured over to The Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka The Met) - the largest art museum in the Western Hemisphere! As is common in many NYC museums there is a 'pay-what-you-like' entry fee, so we paid our $10 & headed for the Egyptian art section.
We always seem to start in the Egyptian section of a museum and then spend the majority of our visit there... We especially loved the Met's Sackler Wing (above) where the Temple of Dendur is housed. The room was filled with wonderful daylight, and the reflection pool made the whole place very peaceful (despite all the tourists...).
I'll admit, we headed out pretty late on this day (I could blame jet lag but that would be lying...) and so after the Egyptian section we had a quick mosey through the American furniture section, via a circular room with a panoramic painting of the Palace of Versailles - it was beautiful!
After lunch we made a beeline for the modern art section. Sadly there was so much to see and so little time (The Met closes at 5.30pm Sun-Thurs) so it is impossible to do the whole of it in one day, but it's certainly somewhere we'll return to on our next NYC trip.
I was very excited to see some Chuck Close portraits up close (below), and at The Met I got to see two! I studied Close's work a lot during my first year of 6th form, and was greatly inspired by him to start playing around with portraiture myself. His work is incredible, and I felt so lucky to get to see the different examples of how he works - the photo-realist and the coloured grids. Seeing them both, in the flesh, witnessing their sheer size and all the intricate details, really was the cherry on the cake of my visit to The Met.
We left The Met at closing time and headed over to a comedy club that Andrew wanted to visit in Chelsea. The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre was founded by a group of comedians who perform under the same name - at the time this group included Amy Poehler! We bought tickets to see a group called The iNTECOLLECTUALS - a very funny sketch comedy group from L.A.
Before the show started we explored a bit more & grabbed a drink in Argo Tea (I had an Earl Grey & Strawberry Crème concoction...they had some unusual but delicious teas) before getting some dinner at Brgr (their Blueberry-Pomegranate milkshake was amazing!). We were also fascinated by the parking lots in NYC (above). I guess when you can't go underground and street space is limited you pile 'em high! A definite theme in NYC.
Our first day was a fantastic start to our holiday, we certainly made it our mission to experience a lot while we were there and as for pictures, well, there's a lot (thousands)!

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