The Alphabetical Prop Project - F, G, H & I

So...2013 was an awful year for my The Alphabetical Prop Project. I took a grand total of 2 images. Both of them in January. And both of them I only got round to editing in the last week.
I can try and blame the difficulty that was coming up with something for J (though, that did delay it massively for some time), but really my enthusiasm for photography just sort of disappeared. The only creative images I took for myself in the last 12 months were H & I above.
One of my New Years Resolutions for 2014 is to "re-ignite my love for photography", so let's see how that goes! Now on to J...

You can see A-E here and the whole project in full here.

p.s. I got pretty stuck on edible props...I wanted to do Jammy Dodgers for J. I even bought some packets but Andrew ate the packets and I felt it best I didn't buy more...

p.p.s My eyebrows look super weird in G! I think that was just before I stopped getting them threaded. I just couldn't trust them NOT to make my eyebrows look stupid. And they kept threading my forehead?! I mean...why?!?

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