The Snail Mail Collective - October & November

Finally - my Snail Mail Collective October & November blog post!

My partner for the October round of The Snail Mail Collective was the very lovely Brittani from the Linen and Lace Blog.

Brittani lives in Texas with her husband and gorgeous baby, Eli (warning: the pictures on her blog may make you broody...). She is a teacher, runs her own online shop and looks a great deal like Kate Beckinsale!

I really enjoyed exchanging emails with Brittani, we talked about teaching, weddings and life in general - it was a real pleasure getting to know her.
The theme for October was Autumn Adventures - and so my package to Brittani featured some bits from London - including a red bus and a tube map pencil because, well, travel = adventures. I also included some Galaxy chocolate (delicious!) and some English breakfast tea - something warming after a chilly Autumn Adventure.

Sadly, this was actually my second parcel to Brittani as the first one arrived open & empty :-(
My parcel from Brittani was full of incredible gifts! There were some delicious American treats, a ceramic pumpkin, handmade bunting from her shop (which you can see in my Thankful post) and a Texas Wedding Guide magazine. She also included a fantastic recipe for Pumpkin Cream Muffins, which as soon as all the Christmas goodies have been devoured I will be sure to attempt!

I loved everything in my parcel! Thank you so much again Brittani :-)

In November I was paired with Magdalena from Charmant Choses.

Magdalena, or Mag as she kindly let me call her, lives in Singapore and is also a teacher. When we first started emailing she was actually in the UK on a school trip.

I learnt a lot of things about Singapore from Mag that I didn't previously know, such as the fact that Singapore Island is smaller than the Isle of Man but has a massive 5.1 million people living there! (The Isle of Man only has about 75-80,000).
The theme for November was What are you grateful for?
Looking back, I'm not really sure I kept to the brief, but I hope Mag liked it! She mentioned to me that one of her favourite artists is Banksy and so upon seeing the above card I thought it'd be perfect for her. The Sew Your Own decoration kit was intended as something she could do with a friend, the stickers to remind her of London and the pen because, well I am VERY grateful for my lovely little Island.
My parcel from Mag included some wonderful gifts, and they were all related to things that she is grateful for:
- The Singapore keyring is because she's grateful for a place to call home.
- The tea/coffee letter set because she is grateful for having food on the table.
- The coin purse because she is grateful for having a job & money in her pocket.
- The heart decoration is because she is grateful for family & friends and the love they've shown her.

It was really lovely getting to know Mag and learning about her country, it's definitely somewhere I hope to visit one day. Thank you again for the beautiful package, Mag :-)


You can see my post about my September pairing here.

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