15 years

In April 1999 my Dad was diagnosed with a malignant meningioma brain tumour.

A meningioma tumour develops from the meninges - the membrane that surrounds the brain & spinal cord - and the majority of them will be benign. But 10% will be atypical or malignant. Malignancy is the tendency of a condition to get progressively worse, and potentially result in death.

Upon diagnosis my Dad was given only 2 weeks to live. And as time passed, he was given prognosis after prognosis - 2 weeks, 2 months, a year. On one occasion we were even told that "this Christmas would be his last".

Fast forward 15 years to last month, when my Dad gave me away at my wedding. It was a dream come true for him to be there and I am so very thankful for those 15 years that doctors never thought we'd have. My Dad is my hero, an incredible fighter and inspiration to so many!

So here's to many more years of my wonderful Dad saying a big F U to cancer! :-)

Shan Fisher Photography


  1. Victoria, this warmed my heart so much. What a beautiful photograph too xxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Bee :-) xxxxx