'cause now the boys are back in town. No strings to hold them down.

Today the internet went pretty crazy over the 10th Anniversary of Mean Girls, but more importantly it was also my birthday. Yep, today I turned the grand ol' age of 25. Half way to 50, a quarter of the way to 100! (eek)

It was also 10 years ago that I first saw Busted perform live. My parents took me and a few friends to Liverpool for the night as a belated birthday present and we all made posters declaring our love for the band whilst wearing flashing headbands, y'know, the stuff tiny teens do. It was also the first time I ever saw McFly perform!

Now 10 years on these two bands have merged together to form the super group McBusted. And in preparation for the gig at the O2 last weekend (which was incredible!!) I had a huge McFly & Busted binge - which as I already have a dedicated playlist on my iPod, wasn't all that hard.

One song that really boosted my mood every time I listened to it this month was Thunderbirds Are Go by Busted. There are the obvious Busted faves - Year 3000, Air Hostess, Crashed the Wedding - but for April, I choose this one, especially as the performance of this song at the gig was amazing!

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