The 25 before 25 round-up

In 6 days I will be turning 25 (twenty five?! jeeez!). This time last year, inspired by various other blogs, I compiled a list of things I wanted to do in the following 12 months. I hoped making a list would motivate me, because who doesn't love crossing stuff off a list?! Well, here's how I did...

1.  See the deer in Richmond Park ✔ - so beautiful!
2.  Crochet at least 100 granny squares - I started but I couldn't get the tension right so I may have given up pretty quickly...
3.  Buy flowers at the Columbia Road Flower Market ✔ - to be blogged eventually!
4.  Make macarons ✔ - I ended up making them three times and a new recipe is on it's way :-)
5.  Visit Edinburgh - yeah this didn't happen.
6.  Give blood ✔ - Done!
7.  Knit a scarf - again, I started! I really did! But then after about 20 rows I dropped a stitch & unravelled it in a fit of rage. I haven't touched it since.
8.  Go to Kensington Palace - this is a mere bus journey away! I'm kind of ashamed I didn't do it.
9.  Have afternoon tea ✔ - I (obviously) loved it!
10.  Go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour ✔ - I treated my brother for his birthday back in July but the pictures still need to be blogged!
11.  See Wicked The Musical ✔ - Andrew actually bought me tickets for my birthday so it was the first thing I ticked off.
12.  Visit a new country ✔ - Germany! A first time for both of us & we really enjoyed it.
13.  Complete "The Alphabetical Prop Project" project - I post-processed I & J but that was it.
14.  Design at least 1 new card a month - I did make some cards...
15.  Make some homemade gifts for Christmas - I tried (see: Knit a scarf).
16.  Visit Highclere Castle - Yep, this was one I really wanted to do but we just never planned it.
17.  Give a new lease of life to an old piece of furniture - We stayed in our current flat for another year so there hasn't been any need for buying furniture/no space to put it.
18.  Open an ISA and put something in it every week - oops.
19.  Do the couch to 5k challenge - oops again.
20.  Design & create a cross-stitch - I know what I want to make, I just haven't made it yet.
21.  Spend a day at Hampton Court - We nearly went but the weather wasn't on our side...
22.  Complete The 30 Day Shred - hahaha.
23.  Grow a plant from seed - We tried with some herbs but they all died :-(
24.  Make a Manx log cabin quilt - one day I will. One day.
25.  Do a tandem sky dive - This was very wishful thinking!

I think it's fair to say I did terribly with this! But hey, I planned a wedding in 3 months! I think that can count as a (pretty big) excuse...

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