26 before 26

So it's that time of year again, that whole turninganotheryearolder thing. I've had mixed feelings about turning 25 but there are some potentially pretty exciting things coming up! (p.s. not babies...people always assume babies.)

I did terribly with my list last year, but I always hope that writing it down will give me that extra boost, 'cause who doesn't love ticking stuff off a to-do list!?
  1. Take a yoga class
  2. Visit a new state in America
  3. Travel to a new country
  4. Finish the Alphabetical Prop Project
  5. Try to blog at least 5 times a month
  6. Visit Stonehenge
  7. Give blood twice
  8. Make a quilt
  9. Spend a day at London Zoo
  10. Knit that darned scarf!
  11. Make an Advent calendar for Andrew & myself
  12. Make the most of my Art Fund Pass
  13. See The Book of Mormon
  14. Visit Highgate Cemetery
  15. Make an awesome birthday cake for Andrew - I have to see good on this promise!
  16. Visit an aquarium
  17. Spend another lazy day picnicking in Fulham Palace Gardens
  18. Take Andrew on the London Eye
  19. Walk the Thames Path from Putney to Tower Bridge or the Thames Barrier
  20. Spend a day in Greenwich
  21. Visit Highclere Castle
  22. Crochet 100 granny squares
  23. Visit the Horniman Museum
  24. Spend a day at Kensington Palace with afternoon tea in The Orangery
  25. Have a huge clear-out!
  26. Do a tandem skydive


  1. This is a great list! I like to keep lists like this but not necessarily for me to accomplish before I turn a certain age because then I just feel pressured and am reminded more of my age (which is starting to not be such an exciting feeling, haha). Still, it's so nice to have things to look forward to whether they're big or small. I wish you lots of success in accomplishing these adventures :)

    1. Thanks Victoria! Yeah I saw these lists & thought it was just a nice way to do a to-do list. I'll have to stop in the next few years or the list will just be too long & ridiculous though :-)