The London Sea Life Aquarium

After we stepped off the London Eye and had our feet firmly back on the ground, we ventured over to the London Sea Life Aquarium. On my 26 before 26 list I included "Visit an aquarium" as this is something I have only ever done once & as it was a very long time ago (on a year 6 school trip to Scarborough in fact), I really wanted to go again!
Thanks to the combination ticket we purchased we were able to bypass the long queues and head straight in. As expected it was super busy and at the start it felt very overcrowded, though luckily the crowds dissipated as we went further in.
The aquarium was dark and atmospheric, with the calming sound of water being occasionally interrupted by loud shouts of enjoyment from small children. They would ooh & ahhh at the sharks, while asking their parents all manner of questions. Their excitement was infectious!
As well as the sharks we also saw lots of beautiful tropical fish, including some of the cast of Finding Nemo. There were Clown fishes (Nemo & Marlin) & Royal Blue Tang fishes (Dory), Banded Cleaner Shrimp (Jacques), Moorish Idol fishes (Gill), Long-spine Blowfishes (Bloat), Yello Tang fishes (Bubbles) & Pacific Green Sea Turtles (Crush). Duuuuude! Sadly there were no Squirts. Baby turtles would have been amazing!
This little guy (Bloat), was definitely posing for this picture. I think he even smiled a little bit!
The penguin exhibit kinda bummed me out. There was a huge crowd of people gathered in front of this small window and inside was a small group of penguins huddled in a corner, except for this one guy. He would walk (waddle) over to the window where he would dive in to the water, swim to the other end, jump out and repeat. It was like he'd been brainwashed & it made me so sad that these beautiful creatures were kept inside in such a sucky environment.
It was fascinating to see some of natures creatures that you wouldn't normally see. The way the giant turtle and stingrays glided in the water was mesmerising. Obviously we went home & watched Finding Nemo afterwards. It's the logical step after a day looking at fish.

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