Wedding: Our Cake Toppers

One thing we knew we didn't want when planning our wedding was a big multi-tiered wedding cake - despite our parents best efforts to persuade us otherwise. We both had our hearts set on a cake table instead, something reminiscent of a village fete with all sorts of cakes for our guests to choose from.

Despite our objections to the traditional wedding cake centre piece, I did have my heart set on some personalised cake toppers, something we could keep to remind us of the day.
I'd seen these wooden doll cake toppers around on Pinterest and thought they'd be perfect, and in keeping with the slightly homemade theme we had in mind. A week after we booked our wedding I ordered some from an Etsy store in America. They were one of the first things I bought for the wedding, though I didn't actually do anything with them until a week before the big day.
I wanted to keep them simple, if only to make my life easier, and was very pleased with how they turned out. To paint them all you need is basic acrylic paint and a selection of different size brushes. I then sprayed mine with acrylic sealant to finish.

As well as the wooden dolls I also made some last minute mini bunting to put on top of one of the cakes, to match the bunting I had made for the room. For this I used cheap knitting needles that I found in Tiger, strung some string between them & used Manx tartan ribbon to make the flags.
We were over the moon with how our vision of a cake table came together, but more on that later!

As we arrived at the reception venue our Mums were both huddled around the cake table secretly prepping the one that they had decided we would cut, and as you can see, they kind of got their way & turned it in to a more traditional-looking wedding cake with ribbons & decorations. Mums, eh? What are you gonna do?! :-)

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