I am part of the Greatest Team in the World!

Today is my Daddy's birthday (Happy Birthday, Dad!). It is also World Blood Donor Day - a day that will see 10% more donations than any other day this month. It is estimated that 25% of us require blood at least once in our lifetime, so it is important that enough people become donors & keep the stock levels as high as they can be!

I gave blood for the first time last year, and a few weeks ago I donated blood for a second time. And as soon as I can, I'll be doing it again! Donated blood is vitally important for helping people both in an emergency and in long-term treatment - and one single donation of 470ml can help as many as 3 people - isn't that amazing?? The blood you donate is replaced in no time too, as your body makes 2,000,000 new blood cells every second!!
Blood is rarely used whole and is often separated in to the three main components: the red cells (that are mainly used in cancer treatment), plasma (which provides a clotting agent vital to stop bleeding) & platelets (which contribute to the repair of damaged body tissue).

After my first donation I found out that my blood type is A positive - the second most popular in the country. The rarest blood type is AB negative, with only 1% of the population having it. My Grandpa was this blood group and because of how rare it is he was regularly asked to donate - he was a very special man :-)
Giving blood is quick & easy, and afterwards you get to sit with other amazing people & chat over free tea & biscuits! So why don't you become a member of the greatest team in the world too? Go oooon, do it! :-)

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