The Secret Lives of My Dad

Firstly - Happy Father's Day!! Today I wanted to share with you a project from my final year of university called The Secret Lives of My Dad. It's a series of images that will forever be my favourite as they were something we created together as a Father-Daughter team.
As I mentioned back in April my dad is my hero, and to work with him on something so important meant a great deal to me - it also gave me some amazing pictures to treasure. While I made all the props, he created the characters (embodying them with his poses and expressions) - and we both had a lot of fun doing it!
The first character I knew I wanted to do was The Train Driver as my dad is a big train fanatic, and The Superhero was next on my list, for obvious reasons. I also liked the idea of him being a pilot too, an old-fashioned pilot with a moustache & goggles! The rest were as a result of family input.
I loved going back to basics with some of the props: papier-mâché, shapes cut out of coloured card & items raided from my fancy dress box. And Dad really enjoyed himself performing for the camera - he is the king of silly faces!
One of my favourite details in the pictures happened by accident, and that is my dad's little four-legged sidekick - Poppy. She wasn't supposed to be in them but trying to keep her away was impossible, she is very faithful to my dad. If you look closely in The Wizard picture you'll see her hiding under the wheelchair - that's because we used party poppers in that one, and Poppy (understandably) does not like party poppers!
I was even lucky enough to have a selection of these pictures at three different exhibitions the summer after I graduated, one of which was a solo exhibition and my dad was the Guest of Honour - definitely one of my biggest achievements to date!

Sadly I wasn't able to spend today with my dad but I hope you all had a great day with yours! :-)

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