From the Wedding Album

This time six months ago we had just said "I Do", and were probably being pelted with confetti (mostly by my mum) outside the registry office. Six months already eh? That feels like no time at all, but also like it should be longer - oh time you fickle thing you!

Ordinarily we'd have seen this as an excuse for an evening of not having to cook, but life at the moment consists of living knee deep in boxes, packing every free moment that we get & trying to eat the entire contents of our freezer before Tuesday. So for now we'll bank this 'excuse-for-a-mini-celebration' until a time when life is less hectic. I can not wait!

I've blogged a few times about wedding related stuff & things, but today I figured I'd share some of my favourites pictures from the photographer on the day, y'know, 'cause I can ;-)

*All pictures in this post are by Shan Fisher Photography

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