So I'm Moving to New York...

Right now I am (hopefully) on a boat, somewhere in the middle of the Irish Sea (probably feeling a little green). Below deck is a van full to the brim with the bulk of our belongings.

Earlier today we said goodbye to our flat. Our lovely little corner of London that we had called home for the last 3 years & 3 months, is now to be occupied by someone else. Sure the rent kept going up and would have eventually priced us out anyway, but it was our first little home together & we were really quite fond of it. Now though, it's time to prepare for our really big adventure!

For over a year the idea of us relocating to New York lived on in some tiny way. At first it was a delicate seed, occasionally growing in size only to be stamped right back down. But then, then it became a more solid idea, a sapling! We filled in forms, we waited. We filled in more forms, we waited again - we jumped through a lot of hoops! And despite life's best efforts to crush this idea it persevered, we persevered! Now we have the visas in our hot little hands, our one-way flights are booked & boxes of our belongings are making their way to a different continent from this one. This is really happening.

But first we have a few days back home to recuperate from moving, a few precious days catching up with family & friends (and lots of cuddles with my dog!), because this may well be our last visit to the Isle of Man for some time. Then we move in to a stranger's spare room back in London for our last few weeks living on British soil. Everything is feeling just a little bit crazy right now!

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