Niarbyl, Isle of Man

I have been back in London for a week now and I shan't pretend to be pleased about it. The truth is, my time back home was far too fleeting. It always is. But this time things are different, as in a matter of weeks I will be moving thousands of miles away, with no idea when I'll next be back on my beautiful island and dammit I'm really going to miss it!

So last week Andrew & myself spent a day doing some of our favourite Isle of Man things  - a trip to Peel for lunch followed by an ice-cream from Davison's (the best ice-cream you'll ever have! - trust me) - and then we headed south along the coastal path to Niarbyl*, a place I've seen used in films**, but to my knowledge had never been to before (why, Past Vicky? Why?!). But oh my, did this beauty spot instantly take my breath away!

Despite the wind being high, the sun was out & the sound of the sea was intoxicating. We stood in silence, alone except for the birds, inhaling the fresh sea air and taking in the incredible view, completely in awe at how truly special our little island is. Boy am I lucky to have grown up there!

The wind was just not co-operating ^^ 
*Pronounced Nee-Are-Bull
**The small white hut above featured in the film Keeping Mum and the white thatched cottage with the red door was the home of Ned Devine in the (awesome) film, Waking Ned.

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