NYC: The American Museum of Natural History

In less than 3 weeks I move to NYC and I'm still blogging about my last time there, which may or may not have been over 18 months ago...oops. I promise though, this one is the penultimate. One more and I am done! ...until I land anyway ;-)

For our second to last day in New York we headed to the Upper West Side to visit The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), one of the largest & most celebrated museums in the world.
The American Museum of Natural History was founded in 1869 and moved to it's current location across the street from Central Park in 1877. If you head there on the subway and get off at the 81st Street - Museum of Natural History stop, the first thing you'll notice is the incredible mosaic artworks that adorn the walls of the station, welcoming you to the museum.
Home to a planetarium, library and 45 permanent exhibition halls, the museum has in it's collection over 32 million specimens (however only a small fraction of this will be on display at any given time). One of my favourite things about AMNH is the incredible dioramas; a wonderful combination of science and art, that show us more about our world & our history in the most visually pleasing way.
The Milstein Hall of Ocean Life (above) was one of the busier exhibits, which is hardly surprising when you see it's most famous feature - a 94ft long model of a blue whale suspended from the ceiling! The floor space underneath the blue whale was packed with tourists lying down, staring up at it's belly.

Some of my personal favourite dioramas were in the Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals. I especially liked the Alaskan Brown Bear one (two down) - they are such beautiful creatures!
As with all other things we did in NYC, we didn't give ourselves enough time to enjoy everything the AMNH has to offer - we didn't even make it to the Planetarium! But if you're short for time, make sure to see some of the dioramas first, they really are fantastic.

After the museum we stopped off at Levain Bakery, just around the corner from AMNH, to pick up two of their legendary (and huge!!) cookies. They were bloomin' delicious! I highly recommend you pay them a visit, next time you happen to be on the Upper West Side. (Their world-famous 6oz chocolate chip & walnut cookie is especially delicious.)
When we arrived back at our airbnb apartment in Williamsburg we headed straight up to the roof to see the Manhattan skyline, at night, for one last time. Le sigh. Isn't it a beaut?! This evening was such a perfect farewell to NYC (and a promise that we would one day be back again...).


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