Hey (Hey) What's The Matter With Your Head?

Tomorrow will be our one month anniversary of living in New York and by 'eck it's been a crazy one! We've eaten a lot of great food (doughnuts, mostly doughnuts. And brunch. Lots of brunch), visited our favourite museums and galleries, been to the top of the Empire State Building (twice) and just walked the streets in awe of this incredible city.

Tomorrow is also the day we start moving in to our Brooklyn apartment and I can't wait! We'll finally be able to unpack and get properly settled in to our new home. We'll also be able to start preparing for Christmas, but first, today is a certain someone's birthday so excuse me while I go stuff my face with (more) doughnuts and cake!

This month's song choice simply comes down to the fact that this has been stuck in my head every day since we re-watched Guardians of the Galaxy last week...and now I hope it's stuck in yours also ;-)

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