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We've now been in New York for just over two weeks and I still can't quite believe it! Are we really going to be living in NYC now?! Aside from making long lists of all the things I want to do - and foods I want to eat - now I'm back here, I've also been busy pinning pictures of my dream apartment.

Most of what I watch is probably set in NYC, so I've had an idea of the sort of place I'd love to live before even getting here. I have no visions of living in a penthouse apartment on the Upper East Side, with views over Central Park; as incredible as that sounds, sadly I'm not Blair Waldorf (I'm missing a vast array of expensive headbands for one thing). No, my dream place would be an apartment in a beautiful old building, on a quiet street in Brooklyn (because the West Village is a little out of our price range). It'd be big enough for the two of us, be filled with gorgeous natural light & have hardwood floors with a kitchen that consists of more than one counter. And if we get really lucky there would also be access to a roof or fire escape, with a fantastic view - oh how wonderful that all would be!

Having paid London rent for 3 years, we're no strangers to the big-bucks-for-little-space thang that NYC has got goin' on, so we're fully prepared for whatever this city has to offer - whether it be an apartment the size of a shoe box or one the size of a small house - let's just hope Lady Luck is on our side eh! (And that we can dodge the realtors and their 15%-of-the-annual-rent fee. Errr no thanks.)

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