Reasons to be Cheerful - October

So this is incredibly late...but you know, moving to a new country can be kinda distracting ;-)
  • Quality time back on the Isle of Man
  • Visiting Niarbyl for what may be my first time (I'm so ashamed)
  • Queenies and Davisons ice-cream and chips, cheese & gravy - all my fave Manx foods!
  • The Douglas Steam Railway Workshop tour (we are a train mad family!)
  • Seeing Momma P's new shop & trying on fascinators
  • Getting m'hair did & feeling good about it!
  • Precious Poppy cuddles and meeting up with good friends
  • Afternoon Tea at Beas of Bloomsbury
  • Spending a day with my baby brother in London
  • Lunch with my Great Aunt, siblings & brother-in-law
  • The awesome cake my sister baked us!
  • Attending the Tatty Devine parakeet workshop and buying lots of Tatty goodies! (oops)
  • Dunking countless Rich Tea biccies in endless hot cups of tea
  • Amazing pancakes at The Breakfast Club (twice)
  • Fantastic food (pies) at Putney Pies & a delicious meal at Café Rialto (that gelato!)
  • Essentially bulk buying tea bags & Tatty Devine - both necessary for a move to America.
  • A nice, but little bit sad, last day at work
Read/Watched/Listened To/Saw/Visited:
  • Gone Girl - we actually went to the cinema to see this one and wow! So good.
  • The new series of The Apprentice - equally as cringey as every other series.
  • I finished The Road by Cormac McCarthy and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and finally made a start on A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
  • Grayson Perry's Who Are You? exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery and the Disobedient Objects exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum - both fantastic!
  • The poppies at the Tower of London was an incredible (but very busy) experience
To look forward to/to do in November:
  • Errr moving to New York!!
  • Spending a day with Momma & Poppa P before we board our flight
  • Our first Thanksgiving in America
  • Living in an apartment in Soho, for free, for a month
  • Seeing The Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt1 - I can't wait!
  • Andrew's birthday (cake, cake, cake)

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