Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

For the last three Christmases that we spent in London we had a very basic 6ft artificial tree (I blogged about our tree last year here). We found it on Amazon for £25 at a time when neither of us were earning enough to justify buying a real tree, no matter how much we wanted one, but that tree did us well. This year, however, we wanted something special - we wanted a real tree! And oh how wonderful it is! That smell. Mmm...I think it'll be real trees from now on for us (sorry artificial tree).

Sadly we had to leave the majority of our Christmas decorations behind but we did bring a few special ones, as well as any new ones we acquired since putting our belongings in to storage. We (ok, it's probably more me...) like our decorations to have a story, or be something a little quirky, so we will often buy one when we go somewhere special. I like to think of our tree as a memories tree!
The top left decoration is one I made myself to mark our wedding this year, whereby the other 3 (Mr. Octopus & the two penguins) were impulse buys in Crate & Barrel last month, on a day when they had a promotion. As soon as I spotted them I knew I couldn't leave them behind!
As I mentioned in this post last year, every year since we've been together we (ok, more me again!) have visited Harrods' Christmas Shop to treat ourselves to a new decoration. Sadly, the selection this year was pretty dire but we did manage to find some good ones - a plush Santa & one with a Routemaster bus, because after all, 2014 was the year of the bus! The two underneath were from (left) the V&A and (right) the British Museum.
These next two don't really require much explaining: they were purchased from the Empire State Building during our first week here. We bought a similar one last year in Washington, D.C so there's a mini theme going on on our tree now! The bottom two were gifts from Momma P - apparently I have "Special Daughter" because they didn't have my name...and hopefully because I'm a Special Daughter!
This year I also (finally) made the pom pom wreath I had planned to make the last two years, and I must say, I'm pretty pleased with it! It took forever but it was totally worth it. And below is one of the poinsettias Andrew surprised me with and my Davids Tea advent calendar. I missed out on this last year so I ended up buying it in early November, just to be safe!

What sort of decorations do you have on your tree? Do they tell any special stories?

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