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We did it! We found an apartment! A beautiful fee free apartment in a lovely part of Brooklyn. Hurray!

I am so incredibly grateful for how painless our new landlady made the whole process for us (renting in New York can be a nightmare, as in most cases you have to prove that your salary is at least 40 times the monthly rent. Yeah, FORTY TIMES!! Which is crazy I know). We started moving in last week and have been busy building A LOT of flat pack furniture (because apartments are very rarely furnished in NYC...), we painted a wall (because it was orange and we just couldn't see ourselves living with an orange wall...) and we have visited IKEA more times in the last three weeks than we ever did in the last three years. It's all been very exciting!

Since joining Pinterest I have (obviously) mostly used it for home decor ideas (and cakes. I have a pretty well pinned cake board...), giving us a wealth of ideas to delve in to! And now I'm sharing some of my faves with you here, because, well, this is m'blog! ;-)

Keep your eyes peeled for a home tour when we finally have everything finished! Provided the apartment stays clean for long enough for me to take said pictures...

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