Pinned: Searching For My Festive Spirit

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Yesterday didn't really feel much like Christmas for me; I sadly never managed to find my festive spirit, despite my best efforts (I did all but one of the things on "My Festive To Do List")! I watched a lot of Christmas films, we bought a real tree and decorated the apartment, I made a wreath, we saw the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree all lit up, visited TWO Christmas markets, attended What the Dickens? and made gingerbread. On top of all that I searched for inspiration, pinning like a mad woman at times! But alas, with all the crazy that's gone on this month I appear to have completely misplaced it. Maybe next year, when life has been less of a whirlwind I'll get it back. Only 363 days to go...

I'd love to know - what do you do when you can't find your festive spirit?

p.s. I want to attempt to blog something Christmas related once a day for the 12 days of this is day 2 already. Let's see how the next 10 go, eh!

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