The Radio City Christmas Spectacular

As soon as we had our move date for New York I knew that there was one thing I definitely wanted to do for our first Christmas here - the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!
The Christmas Spectacular is an annual musical stage show, and a New York Christmas tradition, presented at the Radio City Music Hall since 1933. The show attracts more than a million visitors a year and features over 140 performers!

The show combines dancing, singing, stories and at one point even a 3D feature, with Santa himself as the host. But the main event of the show are The Rockettes - an incredible women's precision dance group founded in 1925 in St. Louis, Missouri. Their style of dance is a mix between modern dance & ballet and the things they can do with their legs are... wow!
The whole thing is wonderful! It's very cheesy at times (sometimes sickeningly so), but overall it's enjoyable. On entry in to the (amazing*) Radio City Music Hall you receive a free Santa hat and badge too, which makes it extra special! I would definitely recommend seeing the show at least once, but I think that'll be it for us now, until such a day that we either have guests at Christmas or maybe a small person to enjoy it with :-)
Watch the video below for a little taster:

* See second picture

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