Some aims/hopes for 2015

I never really see the point in making resolutions, I always feel like I'm just setting myself up for failure. Like giving up chocolate?! I know I'll be eating it again by February! Instead I'm going to set myself some aims/hopes for 2015, some personal ones that will hopefully stick:

 Take better care of ME.
I am forever complaining about parts of myself without ever doing anything to better them. So this year I plan to make more of an effort: join the gym, go to the gym, eat better, drink more water, adopt a skin care regime, remember to floss, etc, etc...

 Meet new people, make new friends.
I live in a new city now where I know basically no-one, so I need to join a club or something and step out of my comfort zone.

 Find a job I enjoy.
Until my employment authorisation comes through I'm still unable to work, but as soon as I get it I hope to find something that both pays the rent and that I'll enjoy!

Read at least 25 books.
My goal last year was to read 18 books and I managed 25, so this year I'm going to aim for 25!

Grow my blog.
I started to use this little corner of the internet more last year, so this year I want to build on that - give it a makeover, post more frequently, etc, etc...

And one last one:

♥ Learn how to weave.
I'm getting a loom for Christmas and by the end of 2015 I intend to be a dab hand at it! Or, at least, able to cobble together a half decent one.


What are your aims/hopes for 2015?

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