The Bryant Park Winter Village and Tiffany's Christmas Decorations

A week before Christmas we visited the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park, which is situated behind the New York Public Library in Midtown Manhattan (between 40th & 42nd, and 5th & 6th Aves). The Winter Village consists of holiday shops and an ice rink, and luckily when we visited it wasn't too crowded. The tree in the centre was my favourite part of the whole Winter Village though, it was so bright and the baubles on it were huge - you could get up really close too!
As we were leaving we heard some commotion over on the ice rink and got there just in time to witness a proposal! Now, I'm sure this happens all the time on ice rinks all over the world but it's still kinda romantic to see, especially in New York City at Christmas.

Sadly the holiday shops closed today (Jan 4th) but the rink is there until March 1st and it's free too! Well, kind of, you can go on the rink for free but you have to pay for skate hire, etc. The price is cheaper before and after peak holiday season - so it's worth taking that in to consideration if you're planning to visit! The queue to get on when we went was also crazy long, but maybe I'll go back in a months time and check it out as I sure do love going ice-skating!

The next day we walked past Tiffany's on 5th Ave and stopped to admire their miniature window displays, they're so simple & beautiful. And the gem stone/diamond lights on the outside are gorgeous!
Oh and by the way, I saw a man with a cat on his head outside Bryant Park and for all I know he might be there all the time so, if nothing else here make's you want to visit, that might! It was, afterall, a cat. Sitting. On. His. Head. Crazy, I know!

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