The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

As well as the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, one other thing high on my "Festive To Do List" this year was to visit the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree when it is all lit up - and boy is it a beauty! We first visited 2 days before the lights were turned on (below) and were able to get quite a good view of the tree, but as soon as it was lit up the crowds around the Rockefeller Center were pretty manic - which sounds about right considering it receives about 750,000 visitors a day.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has been placed annually in front of the Rockefeller Center since 1933. It is typically a Norway spruce between 69-100 feet tall (the 2014 tree was 85ft), that is erected in November and is usually lit the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. The tree remains in place until tomorrow (January 6th - the Epiphany), and then it'll be taken away and recycled.
The tree is scouted each year by the Head Gardener at Rockefeller Center (by helicopter) and once in place it is adorned with 45,000 multi-coloured LED lights (it was in 2007 that the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree went "green" with LEDs). The "Swarovski Star" on the top has been there since 2004, it has a diameter of 9.5ft, weighs 250kgs and was designed by the German artist Michael Hammers.
Also at the Rockefeller Center, from early October until April is another ice rink, probably one of the most iconic ones in the city. And no wonder really, I bet ice-skating underneath the tree and Prometheus statue is a wonderful experience! But as you can see from the pictures, when the tree is lit you have quite the audience. Every time someone fell over there was a synchronised "oooh" from the I wouldn't recommend it for timid folk!
You can see some pictures from our visit to the Rockefeller Center last year here, it includes a picture of the plaque in the floor where the tree is placed.

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