Let Me Tell You About My Boat

This month we celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary (hooray!) and so it only seems appropriate that my song for March is one that reminds me of that very special day. Last year I shared the song that we had our first dance to, and this year I give you... the song that I walked in to!

While we were booking the registry office we were asked if we would like to play their default music (instrumental celtic songs, I believe) for the ceremony, or whether we would like to pick our own. Obviously, we opted for the latter and Andrew set about picking songs - to play for our guests before I arrived, when I was walking in, and then after the ceremony - boy did he do a fantastic job!

I'll admit to only having watched Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic once, but I have listened to the soundtrack several times. It is so incredibly beautiful. Walking in to a room full of loved ones, to marry the guy of my dreams, to this!!, well, it was perfect.

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