Our 1st Wedding Anniversary / Some Personal Marriage Findings

A year ago today we were busy getting married, in fact, at this exact time we had probably just signed the register - making it all official! And I must say, this year has been pretty darn wonderful.

To celebrate this day (today is actually our double anniversary - 7 years together & 1 year married - woohoo!) we are off to have brunch (obviously), see our first Broadway show, and inevitably eat some good food. I also thought I'd share with you some of my personal findings from our first year of marriage, because, y'know, why not!
 Being married isn't really any different to when you weren't married, but it sure is lovely to now refer to your other half as your husband/wife. It means you can say things like: "Oh these doughnuts aren't all for me, I'll be sharing them with my husband...", etc, etc.

 But sometimes you feel kind of like a kid playing at being a grown up when you say it, which also makes it more exciting!

 As soon as that ring is on your finger people start to ask you when the babies will start a-comin'! I mean, I guess that's how it used to work: you marry, you move in together, you make babies. But this is 2015 and making babies is wayyyy off in the future for us.

 People also assume you've taken your husband's last name, but doing so just wasn't for me - I'm very fond of my surname and so opted to double-barrel instead. Though despite numerous reminders, people do keep calling me Mrs. Jones...

 Getting married on our anniversary was perfect, as now that date is extra special to us :-)
Shan Fisher Photography
Do you have any personal findings from your first year of marriage?

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